Loyalty Club

Scentsy Club

What is Scentsy Club?


Scentsy Club is a monthly subscription program that lets you schedule shipments of your favorite Scentsy consumables (aka the stuff that runs out) right to your door. Members enjoy exclusive perks when they join.

Check out this video:

Never run out of your favorites again!

Sign up to keep your favorite consumables coming to your door.

How does it work?

  1. Pick your products
  2. Pick your shipment frequency
  3. Enjoy all the perks

A few of the perks:

  • Always make my bar
  • Add a brick for $24 to orders over $30
  • Reduced shipping for orders over $30
  • Free shipping for orders over $60
  • Add a Whiff Box or Scent of the Month to your orders to try new scents

Coming September 5, 2018! Sign up now on my website.


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