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The Scentsy Opportunity


What is Scentsy?

Scentsy is a Direct Sales business that offers a safer alternative to traditional candles with wicks. Scentsy currently offers three main scent delivery systems: electric warmers & wax, diffusers & oils, and a portable cordless system. Our warmers and diffusers are carefully curated and many elements are handcrafted. Each makes an excellent addition to your home decor with something sure to fit your personal style. The product lineup also includes products for all areas of your life and home: laundry, cleaning, stuffed animals, travel friendly and bath & body.

The core values for the company are simplicity, authenticity and generosity. The company was founded in 2004 with the flagship warmers and wax. While the company started simple on a farm and in a shipping container pouring wax by hand—Scentsy is currently available in 11 countries.

How do I join?

First do your research.

There are lots of companies available under the Direct Sales umbrella. Make sure these are products you can endorse and will use. You need to be your own best customer! Direct Sales is based on the party plan system, but you can also sell one-on-one, do fundraisers and vendor events.

You must have a sponsor.

Evaluate your options and pick from:

  • Someone you know personally OR
  • Someone whose story and personality you connect with OR
  • Someone you feel can coach you to success.

If this is your first introduction to Scentsy, I would love to help you reach your goals.

Choose your kit (actual contents will vary)

1. Full size kit for $99 USD (plus tax and shipping)


Offers a variety of products from most product lines, your personal website for three months, plus all the business supplies you need to run your new business immediately—even if you’ve never tried Scentsy before.

2. Host a party and earn your kit for $39 USD or less (plus tax and shipping)


A primarily business tool based kit that can be additionally supplemented with any remaining host rewards earned during your party—plus your personal website for three months.

Why join Scentsy?

1. Products you can believe in. All scent delivery systems are backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

2. Support from Home Office staff throughout your journey. Training and systems are available to teach you how to build and grow your business from the ground up. There are live people to call when you have a problem.

3. Recognition and incentives. Earn certificates, bonuses and more. Major milestones are celebrated company wide at our annual convention. Each season consultants also have the opportunity to earn free trips—everyone has the same opportunity to earn.

4. Work at your own pace. Whether you are looking for a new hobby, part time income support or you desire to build a team and replace full time income—we are here to help you succeed. Find out more here.

5. Gain new friendships, life skills and confidence. Find your tribe, build a team and create a life you’ll love.

Why join with me?

1. An active team page to share success, as well as find support and inspiration when you need it. We provide training, marketing examples, success stories, coaching and more.

2. I will be there to help you launch your business. I will personally coach you through your first 70 days. We will build a plan to launch your business and help you reach your goals. After your 70 days, I will be your best cheerleader as you continue to grow.

Ready to start your journey?

Enroll and get your kit here.

Have more questions? I’ll be happy to answer them. Head on over to the contact page.




Scent of the Month

Be Merry

November 2018 Scent of the Month

Scent Notes:

Joy abounds in pine boughs dotted with holly leaf and cassis.

A new limited edition scent is released every month. Each scent is carefully curated and seasonally appropriate.  During the initial month of release the scent will be available for a 10% discount.

Do you love the scent of the winter holidays. There is pine, but it’s sweetened with a bit of fruit. This scent is currently available for purchase.  Head on over to my shop page to find out the official prices and snag a bar or two for yourself.

*The shop link above will take you to the current scent of the month—depending on when you arrive here—it may be different from the scent currently featured in this post.

Never tried Scentsy before? Sign up for your free sample.




Merry Monday-Nov 5

Holiday Special offerings

Every Monday between now and December 3rd, there will be special limited edition offerings that you can shop while supplies last. Each week my website will be loaded with new deals at 12 noon EST.

Here are this week’s offerings:


Scentsy Soak (our version of bath salts) in these limited edition offerings:

  • Blue Grotto
  • Shimmer
  • Pineapple Coconut Vanilla

Formulated with pink Himalayan and Epsom salts, premium moisturizers and exclusive fragrances, Scentsy Soak creates a relaxing bath experience like no other. 2 lbs., enough for multiple uses.

Shop here!


Tannenbaum Express Collectible Warmer

The joy of Christmas comes to life with this limited-edition, numbered 2018 Scentsy Tannenbaum Express Warmer — our first to feature music and a moving train!
Standing tall and majestic, an iconic Christmas tree is trimmed for the season to set the scene. But the real magic happens when you turn the windup key and set the toy train in motion! Watch as it circles the warmer base to the merry sound of “Deck the Halls,” and be sure to add your favorite Scentsy fragrance to create the perfect holiday moment.
*Includes a matching 4-inch Christmas ornament to adorn your tree for years to come!

See it in action:

Shop here!

Check back next week to see what new items will be available.

Happy Shopping!


Weekly Motivation-Nov 5

Seven Free Motivational Quotes to share

Hello! Welcome or thank you for coming back for more quotes. I’m having so much fun curating these posts for you: searching for quotes, deciding whether or not to theme them. The whole process is an adventure. Enjoy another set of quotes to share as you see fit on social media this week.  You can never have too much encouragement.


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Weekly Motivation-Oct 22

Seven Free Motivational Quotes

Hello! I hope this new week finds you doing well and that you are ready to stride into it with your head held high. Here is your weekly dose of motivational quotes to share however you see fit.

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Bonus: Free background screen for iPhone


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If you’re looking for an additional income stream—follow this link to see if the Scentsy Opportunity would be a good fit for your life.

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Weekly Motivation-Oct 15

First an Update

Hello! I took last week off with the Motivational quotes, but what I didn’t share was some important news. Last Monday was my one year anniversary with my Direct Sales company. That is quite a feat when many people don’t make it past a few months in the industry. I’m super excited to continue this journey. If you would like more information about the opportunity, I have a post about it here.

Seven Free Motivational Quotes to share on social media

Here is your weekly dose of motivational quotes, as always feel free to share however you see fit.

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Instead of an iPhone background screen this week, I thought I would share our Flash Sale instead. For 24 hours starting 10/15/2018 at 11:00am EST until Tuesday 10/16/2018 at 10:59am EST you can save up to 80% on my website. It’s the perfect opportunity to try something new, or stock up on gifts at amazing prices. If you love home fragrance and decor—you won’t want to miss out.

Shop here!

Monster Monday Sale!